ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) —The ex-girlfriend of a former NFL player now charged with assault in Central Florida said Friday that she feels she and her family are not safe.

“It’s overwhelming to think back,” Kristen Evans said before excusing herself.

Evans said she is the woman in the viral video who being screamed at, hit, picked up, and thrown into a television.

“I loved this man, and we had life plans together,” Evans said.

That man in the video, Evans said, is former New York Jets running back, Zac Stacy.

Stacy was arrested at Orlando International Airport.

Evans wants people to know this video is just one glimpse of the horror she said has gone on for months.

“He has bullied me for so long that at one point, I believed it was my fault,” she said. “It’s disturbing and disgusting to see things people have said online about what did I do. I did nothing. I never did anything to deserve something like this — no one could do anything to deserve something like this.

“The physical abuse began in May. I didn’t report it. I was pregnant at the time. I wanted my son’s dad to be there for me and for the birth of his first child. So I forgave him.”

Evans said she planned to speak up at Stacy’s bond hearing, but got a call that it was moved up with little notice.

She said she watched it online in tears.

“That just doesn’t seem right especially given the fact the judge saw the video,” said Thomas Feiter, an attorney representing Evans. “He saw that horrific video of blatant egregious domestic violence committed on our client.”

“It was absolute hell and I know women have gone through worse,” Evans said. “To feel what I felt, I can’t imagine for it to be worse.”

Kristin Evans adds she hopes Zac Stacy “gets the help he needs.”

He’s accused of aggravated battery and criminal mischief. He bonded out Saturday and was ordered to not have contact with Evans.

The number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-SAFE.

Professionals have a lot of resources to get help, plan for safety, and even how to identify abuse.

It’s all free and confidential — open 24-7.