BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) — 3D printing technology has been advancing at a rapid pace.

NASA is looking at uses in space and scientists are researching the technology for 3D printing of organs. But they can now also help us build our dream home.

A robot named Frank sits in at the world’s first 3D home showroom in Viera. He’s part of an impressive pedigree, as his predecessor constructed the largest 3D printed building.

The showroom is for people to get a close look at the emerging technology, according to Jennifer McKinney of Apis Cor.

“People can kind of go around and look at the wall samples and see that it’s very similar to traditional concrete masonry block construction. And see how windows are implemented,” McKinney said.

Brevard-based Apis Cor created Frank and is a very non-traditional construction company. They see their new way of building homes scalable and extremely current. It circumvents supply chain issues and the lack of skilled workers.

The process only requires about three people and will take two weeks once Frank and two smart support machines are set up.

Homes will start at $300,000, but the sky’s the limit, as customization can be done easily.

“I like the fact that it’s so durable. In different parts of the country we are seeing storms, the tornadoes that went through Kentucky, are not far from where we live,” Ohio resident Jan Stockton said while visiting.

Traditional home construction sites are usually littered with scraps and extra material. But Apis Cor says that its 3D home printing process will eliminate most of that waste. Thus, it’ll be greener and more efficient.

“We just print what we need and even if there’s a little bit here and there, we can reincorporate it back into the home,” McKinney said.

$7,000 will reserve a 3D printed house before operations start in 2023. The company is focused on building homes here in Florida before their plans to expand across the country.