A woman accused of shooting and killing another woman in Crown Heights was apprehended by police officers in Florida, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said Monday.

Delia Johnson, 42, was shot and killed when a woman approached her on the street in the vicinity of Franklin Avenue and Prospect Place in Brooklyn at about 9:40 on August 4, according to police.

On Monday, Shea tweeted that officers in Jacksonville, Florida arrested the woman who they say is responsible for Johnson’s murder.

Police obtained surveillance footage of the incident, showing a woman with long, blonde hair leave a white vehicle, walk up to Johnson and open fire at her point blank in the middle of a crowded street. The suspect is then seen getting back into the vehicle and driving away.

Officers arrived to find Johnson unresponsive and unconscious with gunshot wounds to her leg and head, according to police. 

She was pronounced dead at the hospital, cops said.

Johnson was a single mother who worked hard to care for her child and provide a better life.

The victim’s mother, in tears, said back in August that she knew her daughter’s suspected killer.

“She was one of my babies too. She slept on my bed and ate my food,” she said.

“Such horror,” Johnson’s mother said, questioning why the suspect didn’t come to her so she could have helped straighten it out.

The mother said she had just left a funeral before the ambush.

“I just want to know why? What could she have done to you?”