MIAMI, Fla. (WFLA) — A Michigan woman who was late for her flight was arrested at the Miami International Airport Sunday after she reportedly refused to get off a plane she improperly boarded.

NBC Miami reported Skylar Shiffon Pollard, 29, was arrested on disorderly conduct and violating a designated operational area of an airport charges.

Pollard was late for the flight and boarding had already ended when she arrived, NBC 6 reported.

NBC Miami said despite boarding having ended, Pollard ignored boarding security procedures and got on the plane.

When airline employees asked her to get off, she reportedly refused, so employees called the police.

NBC Miami reported she still refused to leave the plane when police showed up and was given a trespassing warning.

The entire plane reportedly had to get off the plane while Pollard was arrested. The incident caused some airport operations to be delayed, NBC 6 reported.