CHARLOTTE (WFLA/CNN) – A traveling mother gave birth to a baby girl at Charlotte Douglas International Airport Wednesday – just in time for Thanksgiving.

Nereida Araujo said everything happened so quick.

Araujo, her husband and her then two kids were traveling from Tampa to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. They said they had a short, 20-minute layover in Charlotte.

“I was sleeping and I felt like a pop in my lower back,” Araujo said. “I just felt like liquid and I woke my husband up.”

She said she knew her water broke and her baby was on the way, 11 days early. Araujo said her doctor and the airline both cleared her to fly, even though she was 38 weeks pregnant.

Fortunately, a passenger with medical know-how helped the new mom of three through the whole process.

There was a lady there, she was so sweet,” Araujo said. “She helped me with my breathing and everything.”

The pilots expedited the landing and with first responders waiting, Araujo delivered a healthy baby girl within minutes.

“I just want to thank them so much,” Araujo said. “Everybody was so great. They’re like my heroes. It was an experience that I will always remember.”

Araujo and her new baby named Sky are expected to be released from the hospital on Friday and will continue their journey to Pennsylvania to see family before they head home to Florida.