PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (WFLA) — Temperatures are starting to drop in Florida, leaving lizards and other cold-blooded animals to seek warmth wherever they can find it – including one homeowner’s windows.

On Sunday night, Jessica Schreck, who lives in Port St. Lucie, noticed something she’d never seen before – 13 lizards and a frog were glued to her window in an attempt to seek heat.

“My first reaction was, ‘Aww, they’re cute, they’re cuddling in my window for warmth!'” Schreck told WFLA on Wednesday.

She said Sunday night was the first time she’d noticed the animals seeking shelter in her windows, adding that as of Wednesday morning, three lizards were still up against her window, as well as the frog.

“They seem to leave during the day when the sun comes up, then come back in the evening,” Schreck said.

When she first spotted the animals, Schreck said seven lizards and a frog were up against a window, while six more lizards were in another window.

Schreck captured the crazy sight and posted the video to TikTok, which quickly went viral. As of this report, her video has over 1 million views with over 160,000 likes.

With the video going viral, Schreck said her comment sections have been filled with people telling her to either burn the house down, kill the invasive species, or bring them inside.

“I won’t be doing any of that. I think I’m just going to let them be,” she said in regards to the comments. “We’ve always had a lot of lizards on and around our house. Those windows are west-facing windows, so when the afternoon sun hits, it gets real warm. In the summer, the metal parts are hot to touch on the inside, so I think the lizards are using the leftover heat.”

Since lizards and frogs both rely on their surroundings to stay warm during cold nights, it’s not that uncommon to see the animals seek shelter near, or in this case, on your home.

In fact, when temperatures dip into the 50s-30s, iguanas can become immobilized and freeze, leading the reptiles—which usually hang out in trees—to fall.

However, if you spot a frozen lizard, it’s best to leave them be —and don’t bring them into your home because once the temperatures heat back up, they’ll be revived and start to walk around.