ORLANDO, Fla. (WESH) — The attorney of Miya Marcano’s family is now revealing the grisly details of how she was found and released a disturbing new video of the family confronting the man they believe killed their daughter.

In the video above, family members confront Armando Caballero. He would later be identified as a suspect in 19-year-old Miya Marcano’s disappearance.

Aunt: “There’s evidence of obsession, you’re fascinated with Miya.”

Armando: “It’s not only from my side. So don’t try to make this like I’m a stalker.”

Aunt: “Obviously she’s missing. So we’re talking to you who’s been going back and forth.”

Caballero: “I understand that, that is your family. But until we figure out what’s going on, don’t beat me up.”

Additionally, on Wednesday, family attorney Daryl Washington confirmed to WESH 2 that Marcano had tape around her wrists and feet, as well as tape on her mouth, when her body was discovered.

Caballero was found dead from an apparent suicide just two days after Marcano’s family ran into him.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said Caballero expressed a romantic interest in Marcano which was repeatedly denied by the teenager.

He had a universal key that could let him in any unit. The maintenance master key fob that Caballero used was swiped to enter Miya’s apartment 30 minutes before she was set to get off of work.

Washington said apartment management had an ability to electronically track the universal key fob Caballero used to enter Marcano’s unit, but the manager didn’t know he was there, not understanding how the equipment worked.