TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida panther surprised a family on Sunday when they felt a cold stare piercing through their back door in Naples’ Golden Gate Estates.

Vendela Harold and her family were watching a movie in their home when a panther peered through their sliding glass door.

“All of a sudden I just get this intense feeling of … something is staring at me,” Harold said. “Really quick I look over and there he is. Just staring me down. Kinda looked like he wanted some popcorn and was enjoying the movie.”

According to a Florida Gulf Coast University biologist, who received the video from NBC affiliate WBBH, panthers pose little to no risks to humans. But if you have small animals in your home, that’s another story.

“He looked like he wanted a snack,” Harold said.

She and her family have three dogs, which she kept from going outside for a few hours following the encounter, as small animals are considered prey for panthers.

Eventually, the panther moved on to their front yard and went to nearby areas.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says if you ever encounter a panther nearby, make sure to watch your pets and small children. They warn you to give the animal space and to slowly head inside a safe place, as running may kick off their fight or flight instinct, making them want to chase you.

Crouching or bending may also make you appear smaller, resembling a prey-sized animal. They say to make yourself appear larger by opening your jacket, raising your arms and throwing stones or branches.

The FWC says if you are attacked, fight back with whatever is at hand, without turning your back to the animal.