OCALA, Fla. (WFLA) — Dash camera footage released by the Ocala Police Department shows a man driving a stolen car recklessly as police followed close behind, trying to get him to stop.

According to a post on the Ocala Police Department Facebook page, a man left his car unlocked with the keys inside while visiting a friend on August 11. Police said the man watched someone — later identified as Dale Shrewsbury, 35 — get into the car and drive away.

Officers spotted the stolen car about an hour later and tried to pull it over. A chase ensued through the city of Ocala and Marion County, with Shrewsbury leading officers down highways, through the woods and even through peoples’ yards.

Police said Shrewsbury ran several cars off the road and hit a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission patrol vehicle. The dash camera video shows Shrewsbury smashing through three fences.

A Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy and his K-9, Jet, joined the pursuit and executed a PIT maneuver. K-9 Jet chased Shrewsbury down and latched onto his pants, ending the 21 minute-long chase.

Police said Shrewsbury was arrested for auto theft, aggravated fleeing and eluding, five counts of leaving the scene of a crash involving property damage and driving with a suspended license — his fourth offense.