SANIBEL, Fla. (WFLA) — Two people and their dog were rescued from Sanibel Island Thursday after their neighborhood was ravaged by Hurricane Ian.

Video released by the U.S. Coast Guard showed an MH-65 Dolphin Crew fly over a neighborhood on the island before hoisting Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyler Kilbane to the ground.

The guardsman is then seen speaking to a man named Colin and his grandmother standing outside their home as they stood with their dog.

“You did good!” Kilbane told the residents, commending them for being able to get the crew’s attention with a reflector.

The guardsman asked the residents if there was anyone left in the neighborhood, to which the residents answered that no one else was around to their knowledge.

The woman was the first to be taken into a basket that was then airlifted into the chopper above.

After the woman was safely aboard, Kilbane walked back, pet the dog, and got Collin and his pup in the basket next, which also airlifted the pair back to safety.

Kilbane and his crew have rescued several people from the aftermath in Sanibel. One recent rescue was a family and their cat.