CAPE CORAL, Fla. (WFLA) — No one was seriously injured when a sports car lost control, hit a bump, and flew into a Florida canal over the weekend.

A home security camera caught the crash Sunday morning on Northwest 21st Place in Cape Coral.

“I noticed there were a lot of people outside and so it piqued my interest, let me go outside, went out there, and sure enough, people said there’s a car in the canal,” Cape Coral resident Lorraine Holder told NBC affiliate WBBH.

Holder told the local news outlet her security cameras captured the sports car as it splashed into the canal in her backyard.

“I was just nervous — I was scared because after seeing the car go completely airborne, I was like ‘okay, now this is something serious,’” Holder said.

“Concerned about the person, but I’m really not happy about people driving in the neighborhood like that with all the children that are outside playing,” Holder added.

But the car going airborne into the canal wasn’t the only crazy part of this story.

Neighbors told WBBH the vehicle came within feet of slamming into a child, however, no injuries were reported.

“Slow down, slow down,” Holder said when asked if she had a message for the driver. “There’s no need for that. If you want to race, you want to speed, take it to the track.”

It was not immediately clear what prompted the car to drive off the road.