(NEXSTAR) – A former Disney World cast member has been banned from the resort — allegedly for life — after being fired from his position earlier this year.

Following his termination in March, Jason Jeter claimed that the Walt Disney Company had specifically taken issue with two of his TikTok videos: one in which he entered a closed (but unlocked) wedding pavilion and another in which he tasted the water from different decorative fountains around the Disney parks and then rated them on a scale from 1 to 10.

Jeter, who goes by “Jete” on the video-sharing platform, had continued to visit the park in the following months, often uploading footage of his visits to TikTok. In his latest video, however, he reveals that he had been issued a “lifetime ban” from Walt Disney World earlier this week.

Jeter alleges that he had arrived at the parking lot near the Grand Floridian to “get food,” but soon noticed Disney World security “circling” his car. When he got out, he claims the Orange County Sheriff’s Office presented him with a trespass warning, telling him he was no longer allowed on the property.

Jeter further claims that Disney security and a Disney World “investigator” explained the trespass warning, although Jeter did not reveal what they said, specifically.

“Then, they’re like, ‘Hey, also… it’s a lifetime ban,’” Jeter said in his TikTok video.

“I can never go back to Disney. Ever.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OSCO) has since confirmed that Jeter, 21, was issued the trespass warning at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Monday. The warning also instructed that Jeter was to be “trespassed from all of Walt Disney World properties to include, not limited to, theme parks, water parks, resorts and Disney Springs,” according to a copy of the notice provided by OSCO. “Conduct not welcome on WDW property,” reads additional language printed on the warning.

Jeter, who has close to 1 million followers on TikTok, had first made headlines in March, after revealing that he was fired from his job at Disney World for videos he shared to social media the week before, including one in which he appears to drink water he gathered from the parks’ decorative fountains.


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Jeter continued to visit the parks as a guest, but joked in some videos that he was on Disney’s “most wanted list,” and claiming that he was being followed by Disney employees during his visits.

In the weeks following his termination, Jeter had also been sharing videos from inside Universal Orlando Resort. Officials at Universal, meanwhile, have presumably refrained from issuing him the same ban, despite hinting that they’re well aware of his proclivity for drinking water from non-drinkable sources.

“PSA: Made for splashing, not drinking,” Universal tweeted on Wednesday, alongside a photo of Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls.