TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida resident caught one of the wildfires burning in Florida on drone video, showing the smoke as it filled the skies of South Florida.

“Once I was safely off the berm, I went back up to see if I could get closer to the fastest of the firelines…until it was clear I couldn’t stay in the area and, as you’ll see, it was time to terminate the flight and get out of there,” Vice City Drone Works wrote on its Facebook page Saturday.

According to the Florida Forest Service, there are two active wildfires in southern Palm Beach County, designated as the 2Alpha fire and the L39 fire.

The L39 fire has spread across 12,000 acres while 2Alpha spread across 5,500 acres.

In Broward County, the 2 Bravo fire has burned across 9050 acres.

In total, Florida has 40 active wildfires, with 30 of them being contained. The active fires have burned across 27,209 acres, according to the Florida Forest Service.