VIDEO: Florida man dumps used porta potty on couple's driveway

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. (WESH) - A man is under arrest after authorities said he dumped a portable toilet containing human waste on a contractor's driveway in Winter Garden. 

According to a police report, Matthew Moore pulled up to a home on North Boyd Street in February, with a portable toilet attached to his trailer.

Surveillance footage of the home captured the moment when a man got out of his truck at the driveway, took the toilet off the trailer and pushed it over.

The report said human feces and waste inside the toilet was spread onto the driveway.

The wife of the victim said her husband was hired by Moore as a general contractor.

She told authorities Moore asked her husband to have the toilet removed. She said she thinks he toppled the toilet because it was not taken away by her husband.

Moore told authorities he brought the toilet to the victim's home, but did not mean to knock it over, according to the report. He said the portable toilet got caught on the edge of the trailer which caused it to fall over.

Police said the security footage and Moore's statements did not match up.

Moore faces charges of unlawful dumping of human waste from a vehicle.

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