PORT ORANGE, Fla. (WFLA) — A Chuck E. Cheese in Port Orange was among the many buildings in Florida turned to rubble by Hurricane Ian after it tore a path of destruction through the Peninsula.

Video posted to Twitter by Shelley Merrell showed the extent of the destruction. The former pizzeria, which once entertained children and their families, was left with a caved-in roof and filled with debris.

“Port Orange Chuck E Cheese’s was completely destroyed in Hurricane Ian,” Merrell wrote. “This is where my youngest son works. He LOVED working there & is absolutely devastated.”

Volusia County, while not the site of the category 4 hurricane’s landfall, suffered heavy damage from Ian.

The devastation has even caused homes to fall into the oceans since the dunes they were built on no longer exist, according to county officials.

As of this report, three deaths have been reported from Hurricane Ian, the most recent being a woman who was swept away into the ocean by the storm.