ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — A father said he and his 2-year-old daughter were kicked off a Frontier flight at the Orlando International Airport Sunday for having his daughter sit on his lap during take-off.

According to a post to his Instagram, Chrisean Rose said he bought a seat for his daughter, but she wanted to sit in his lap because she was new to flying and was scared. According to WSB-TV, Rose’s daughter had been allowed to sit on his lap for take-off on the flight to Orlando earlier that weekend.

They had flown to Orlando to spend the weekend at Disney and were flying back to Atlanta, according to reports.

Rose said three flight attendants on the flight didn’t say anything, but a fourth one did at one point, which he claims started the confrontation.

At one point a flight attendant can be heard telling Rose he will be arrested if he does not get off the plane.

“It is an FAA requirement that all passengers over the age of 24 months must be buckled into their own seat for takeoff and landing,” Frontier said in a statement to WSB-TV.

Rose’s daughter was reportedly 25-months-old.

“My issue is not with the policy because I fully understand the regulation but rather with the way I was treated, discriminated against and threatened with arrest,” Rose said in the Instagram post.

A flight attendant then tells the whole plane they needed to disembark because of an “unfortunate incident.”

Rose said once he got off the plane, staff refused to give him his daughter’s stroller, which was still on the plane. A police officer was able to help him get it back.

“The police officers who they called to ‘arrest’ me ended up defending me and demanded that they stopped and take my stroller off,” he said on Instagram.

He reportedly had to buy a ticket on another airline to get back, where he said his daughter was allowed to sit on his lap for the whole trip. He was also offered a refund for the Frontier flight.