TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A hungry bear decided to find a sweet treat in a family’s garage in a North Naples neighborhood Thursday night.

Konrad Umpenhour told NBC affiliate WBBH that he forgot to close his garage door after letting his dogs out on his patio.

But when he went to shut his garage from his phone, he got an error.

“It gave me an error telling me something was wrong and in the way and I was like, ‘what possibly could that be?’ and that’s when I came out and saw everything,” Konrad told WBBH.

Konrad and his partner Kurt Umpenhour later found their freezer door open, littered with food packages including frozen patties, pizza, and other vegan food.

But the bear clearly wasn’t interested in those choices. Instead, he took the ice cream.

“It was vegan stuff, he took a thing of vegan ice cream!”, Konrad said.

The hungry animal helped itself to Trader Joe’s coffee-flavored ice cream with boba.

“Super good”, Konrad added. “Apparently really good.”

A Blink security camera caught the bear strolling across a neighbor’s yard and into their driveway.

“The hairs started standing up on the back of my neck. We were just violated by a bear,” Kurt said.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says to keep bears away from your yard, secure all household garbage, keep pets indoors, and remove any food sources (fruits growing on trees) from your yard, as bears can sense the smell of food over a mile away.