CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Charlotte County officials declared a local state of emergency Monday in response to significant tornado damage throughout parts of the county.

The National Weather Service reported it was an EF1 tornado that touched down in the Placida area. Charlotte County officials said Monday 39 homes were damaged by the twister. Of those, 21 were destroyed.

Gasparilla Mobile Estates was one of the hardest-hit communities. Aerial video of the mobile home park shows a clear path of destruction. Several residents in the neighborhood were home when the tornado barreled through the park.

Resident Jeanne Van Eerden was aware there was going to be some disruptive weather Sunday, but nothing to the extent of what she experienced. Her grandson was by her side when the twister ripped apart her home.

“He said, ‘grandma, take my hand and sit down’ and so I did, and then it was like 30 seconds of utter destruction. I just looked at him and he saw the lanai go and he saw the whole other side of the house go, the living room, the back bedroom and bath and so we were spared,” said Van Eerden.

The nine-year Florida resident packed up some of what’s left behind Monday with help from her family.

“We have my nephew, two son-in-laws and two grandsons here and they are helping us get everything out that we want and then they are going to take it all back to Michigan. We hate to leave, but we can’t stay,” said Van Eerden.

Unlike some of her neighbors, longtime resident Linda Rohrback’s home was spared, but only by 15 feet or so.

“We were lucky, very lucky,” said Rohrback. “We made it out. We are alive. Nobody is hurt and this stuff is just material,” she continued.

Throughout the day Monday, residents joined forces to clean up the mobile home community.

“Yesterday, everybody was sort of shell-shocked just not really knowing what to do and where to turn. Today, everybody is kind of getting together and getting stuff packed up and getting a plan as to what is going to happen,” said Rohrback.

With several people now with no place to call home, the community wants to help. Throughout the day Monday, residents from near and far stopped by the mobile home park on Gasparilla Road, dropping off food and donations.

People who own and manage the facility tell 8 On Your Side they’re working on a way to help those who lost virtually everything.