TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A top prize-winning Fantasy 5 ticket worth over $150,000 was sold during Tuesday’s drawing according to the Florida Lottery.

Officials said one lucky player successfully matched all five winning numbers: 2-3-9-16-22

The winning ticket was sold at Exxon Coral Way, at 2900 Coral Way in Miami. The lucky winner will have the opportunity to claim their prize worth $153,539.59, the Florida lottery said on its website.

A total of 239 other players won a second-place prize worth $100. There were 80,593 total winners during Tuesday’s drawing.

5-of-51 in 376,9921$153,539.59
4-of-51 in 2,432.21239$103.50
3-of-51 in 81.077,825$8.50
2-of-51 in 8.3972,528Free Ticket
Overall Odds: 1:7.58 (Data from Florida Lottery)

To play the game, the Florida Lottery draws five out of 36 numbers at random. If a player’s selected numbers match the five winning numbers drawn in the official drawing for the date played, they win the FANTASY 5 top prize.