(WFLA) — A new trend on the popular social media platform TikTok is creating a big problem at beaches across Southwest Florida. According to reports, some beachgoers are digging giant holes in the sand and leaving without filling them back in.

According to NBC’s WBBH, some visitors are going through a lot of trouble to complete the TikTok challenge, digging holes as deep as five feet and as wide as four feet across. But the real challenge is filling them in before humans or wildlife get trapped or hurt.

While there are no rules against digging the holes, leaving them wide open can be dangerous to humans and wildlife who traverse the area.

“Please refill the hole and kindly take your things with you. It’s a hazard to other beachgoers, especially our beautiful sea turtles,” a Twitter post from the Marco Island Police Department said.

“We have moms on the beach at night. We have babies going to the water at night,” said Kelly Sloan, Coastal Wildlife Director at the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF) to WBBH. “They face so many threats already. This is one small thing we can all do to help them.”

Wildlife officials said there is one rule for beachgoers looking to dig holes of any size: “Leave only footprints.”