TAMPA (WFLA) – Florida Sen. Rick Scott told reporters after viewing the explicit videos of the attack on the Capitol the Senate trial is a “complete waste of time.”

According to NBC News, the former Florida governor said:

“I’m disgusted that, you know, people think that they can do things like that and get away with it. I hope everybody that came into the Capitol and did the wrong thing gets prosecuted to the full extent of law,” Scott said. 

When asked if Scott thought former President Donald Trump bears any responsibility for the capitol riots that took place on Jan.6, Scott said.

“Look, I’ve been clear that I wish the president had said something faster when they broke into it, but, you know, I’ve watched what he said. He’s never said when somebody should break in — [he] actually said that people should do this peacefully.”

“This is a complete waste of time,” he continued. “It’s not doing anything to help American families, it’s not helping people get jobs, it’s not helping get the vaccine out… it’s vindictive.”