(NBC News) — A Florida postal worker who was attacked by a pack of five dogs over the weekend has died from her injuries, authorities said.

WTLV reports the incident occurred Sunday afternoon after the woman, Pamela Jane Rock’s delivery vehicle broke down in a rural area in Putnam County.

As Rock waited for assistance, officials say five dogs broke through the fence of a nearby home and started attacking her.

Neighbors tried to intervene, but by the time deputies arrived, the 61-year-old had already suffered traumatic injuries and could not be saved.

“She had one arm amputated before she passed and they had her other limbs in slings trying to save them. Her heart stopped twice and her blood pressure was all over the place,” Rock’s niece, Kaydee Richley told WTLV.

Richley said her family is still in shock.

“She just started this job in December. She had finished up her training and she was just so excited for this new adventure,” Rock’s niece told WTLV. “How did it get so far? Why was there just so many dogs just able to get to her? Where were the owners? Why were they not locked up?”

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Colonel Joe Wells said it wasn’t the first time animal control has been called to the area where the attack took place. He said the five dogs that attacked Rock will be euthanized, and depending on the evidence, the owners could face charges.

“They were negligent in the care of their animals. They did not just attack her, they were ripping her apart,” Richley said.