ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — A Virginia teenager was reportedly arrested Wednesday as he drove from Virginia to Florida, allegedly to kill an Orlando police detective and a family.

WESH 2 News reported the 16 year old left a message at the Orlando Police Communications Center on Saturday threatening a detective and an Orlando-area family.

“I’m going to come down and kill all of you. Be afraid,” the message reportedly said. “God has commanded me to kill. I will end your life. Could be within a week. Could be several years.”

According to WESH, the detective was working a case involving the teen. He is accused of sending inappropriate material to an Orlando-area girl.

Police told WESH the teen’s plan was “very, very disturbing and articulate.”

The teen reportedly took his parents car and was already on his way to Florida when Florida Highway Patrol was alerted. He got into a high-speed chase with troopers, going over 100 mph.

WESH reported FHP spun him out on I-95 near Jacksonville.

Police are asking for an attempted murder charge against the teen, according to WESH.

WESH said police found a pipe in the teen car and he had looked up how to make a pipe bomb.