FORT MYERS, Fla. (WFLA) — The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFEC) is up and streaming once again as M15 seeks a new mate nearly eight months after his famous eagle partner, Harriet, vanished from their nest.

The Eagle Cam, which keeps tabs on the beloved family, said this mating season is sure to see “unprecedented activity” as Florida’s bald eagle nesting season began Sunday.

Following Harriet’s disappearance, M15 was left to take of their eaglets while also keeping the nest free of intruders. While M15 has done an excellent job raising the young on his own, male eagles aren’t used to not having a mate care for the young.

According to SWFEC, M15 has returned to the area with a new female bald eagle, both delivering nesting materials and “showing strong signs of a possible new courtship.” But competition for a mate is fierce and can sometimes become a battle to the death between two eagles.

For this season’s streaming, the Eagle Cam features a brand new setup with two ultra-high-definition 4K cameras placed strategically in the nest tree. The “Nest Cam” will also feature eye-level, up-close footage of nest activity.

Additionally, a 360 video camera is returning after sustaining damage last season during Hurricane Ian. This camera will also allow viewers to jump into the driver’s seat and experience real-time 360 views of M15 and any future eagles in the nest.  

Harriet, who went missing in February 2023, is presumed dead, the SWFEC said.

M15 and Harriet had two eaglets that hatched in January, E22 and its sibling E21. The eagles can be seen on the popular Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, which livestreams the nest 24/7.