LEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Deputies were put into in a slithery situation when they were called to handle a large venomous snake that was spotted near a Florida home.

A video shows Lee County deputies capture the large eastern diamondback rattlesnake and relocated it to a desolate area.

The sheriff’s office said that Deputy Jim VanPelt, who is licensed through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as a large constrictor contractor, used his training and experience to wrangle the rattler.

“If you encounter a venomous animal, do not approach it and contact a licensed professional for removal. While Deputy VanPelt was able to do this without harming the animal, not all deputies are experienced certified serpent specialists!” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook.

Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes are the largest rattlesnake species in the United States, FWC said.

The average length of an adult eastern diamondback rattlesnake is three to six feet.