Warning: This video may contain graphic content that may disturb some viewers. 

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Sunny Isles Beach mom was caught on camera abusing her 3-year-old son outside of their condominium building, according to authorities.

Yulia Storozhuk, 29, was arrested and charged with two counts of child abuse, according to public records.

“She’s a monster,” police said.

An arrest report obtained by NBC affiliate WTVJ said a neighbor’s ring camera showed Storozhuk grabbing her son, lifting him off the ground, then throwing him to the floor.

The incident, which happened around 9 p.m. Monday shows the mom “maliciously” kicking the boy two times, grabbing him by the face, and then pushing him back down to the ground when he tries getting up.

While exiting the camera view, Storozhuk repeatedly kicks the child, WTVJ reported.

A second video taken nearly 40 minutes later shows Storozhuk pushing the boy in the chest, resulting in him falling to the ground.

The arrest report said an investigator saw redness on the child’s cheek and forehead, bruises on his right arm and left knee, along with scratches on his stomach and back.

The child told investigators his mom had scratched him.

Storozhuk was arrested and booked into jail. She had a court appearance Wednesday and bonded out of jail later that night.

“I’m so sorry. I wouldn’t do this anymore,” she told reporters.

During the court appearance, she said through an interpreter, “I am very sorry, I am a single mom and it was only one incident where I let my emotions get the best of me.”

Police said Storozhuk told investigators she kicked and pushed her kid because he wasn’t listening to her. She told reporters she loves her son and wants to see him. She also apologized for abusing him.

DCF is investigating the incident.

The judge ordered her to stay away from the boy and not speak with him. She is set to be arraigned at the end of the month,