TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – This week’s Road Rants report is an interesting element of Florida’s new Texting While Driving law that some drivers might not have considered – but Perry, who contacted me on Facebook, certainly has.

Perry says he is bugged by drivers who have windshield-mounted phone and GPS devices positioned right in front of their faces.

While technically those drivers are going hands-free, they’re still breaking the law.

Florida bans any device that obstructs a driver’s view, and specifically bans devices mounted on the windshield directly in front of your face and on either side.

Dashboard mounts are okay, as long as you can prove they aren’t in your line of sight. The law also applies to anything else that could impair your view of the road or any intersecting road.

You should make sure SunPass or similar devices, that are acceptable to mount on your windshield, are out of your view, and take down any hanging tags, such as disabled parking signs before you start your car.

Improperly mounting devices on your windshield is considered a noncriminal traffic infraction, which carries a fine of $30 the first time you’re cited.

Read the Florida Statute regarding windshield-mounted devices at this link.

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