TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — If you are feeling a little spicy, Publix is introducing a new sandwich — a take on a Tennessee specialty.

For a limited time, you’ll be able to try Publix’s take on the Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

Publix said its famous chicken tenders are marinated in spices, breaded and fried. The chicken is then glazed with a sauce that features garlic, cayenne pepper and brown sugar before its place between two slices of King’s Hawaiian bread. A pickle is added as a finishing touch.

“We’ve heard from many people in the Nashville area,” said Audrey Peace, Hot Prepared Foods Category Manager at Publix. “They said we really nailed the flavor.”


Publix said it landed on a tangy profile that will appeal to most hot chicken lovers.

“No one can say it isn’t spicy,” Audrey laughed. This is not the first time Publix has dipped its toe in the Nashville hot chicken trend. In late 2022, we introduced the flavor as an eight-piece fried chicken meal. Following that, we glazed our chicken wings in a marinade, before moving on to chicken tenders.

The sandwich will be available in Publix stores beginning in April and until June 30.