TAMPA (WFLA) – If you have ever made a trip to Publix, you will probably recognize the giant scales that can be found at the grocery stores. But could they soon be a thing of the past? A recent rumor has some Floridians worried they could be.

The scales have been a part of the grocery chain since founder George Jenkins opened his first Publix in 1940. At the time, the only opportunity to weigh yourself was at the doctor, or maybe by finding a coin-operated scale. Jenkins offered it as a free service, and it stuck.

Publix said in August that the scales’ previous manufacturer ceased production in 2015, meaning that the last Publix scale will have to retire one day.

However, a Publix spokesperson tells 8 On Your Side that the company purchased all the inventory and parts on-hand so that they could continue to have the scales in our Florida stores.

“Our team continues to repair and refurbish as opportunities arise with the scales, but we still have scales in inventory. No need to panic,” the Publix spokesperson said.

So for those looking to check their weight the next time they visit Publix… maybe step lightly.