TAMPA (WFLA) – A Florida Publix worker’s heartwarming friendship with a young valued customer has gone viral online after mom Rachel Smith shared a personal gesture between the two.

Smith who lives in Fort Myers tells WFLA she’s gone to the same grocery store every Saturday since before her daughter Fiona was born.

The store became home to one of her now six-year-old daughter’s favorite people Gilnet the Publix employee who Fiona lovingly refers to as “high five.”

On Fiona’s birthday, Smith said Gilnet purchased Fiona a pink Disney princess bike to celebrate her birthday, with glitter tassels on the handlebars and images of the princess decorating it.

The duo embraced in the now-viral clip as he asked how she was doing.

Since gaining attention online for the heartwarming friendship, Smith has set up a donation page as a way of showing appreciation to the Publix worker. The page has since raised over $10,000 for Gilnet.