TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A South Florida city council board approved a proposal Tuesday to rename a road after former President Donald Trump, according to NBC affiliate WTVJ.

At the Trump rally on Nov. 9, Hialeah’s Mayor, Esteban “Steve” Bovo, announced his intention to rename the four-mile-long road, Palm Avenue.

Bovo held up a street sign at the event with the name, “President Donald J. Trump Avenue,” written across it.

According to the city council’s minutes from Tuesday’s meeting, the cost of signage would be paid by the city.

Back in June, Hialeah’s Historic Preservation Board voted against the move. However, the city makes the final decisions since the board doesn’t have the power to name streets.

According to WTVJ, some board members weren’t on board with the name change given Trump’s federal indictment and the current 91 criminal charges he is currently facing. A jury also found Trump liable for sexual assault and defamation in May.

“Donald Trump doesn’t know how we live,” one local resident and advocate said. “He’s a developer and all they see is New York metropolis, and that’s not who we are. We are these factories and working-class people, and we want representatives and people to have their streets named for those who represent us.”

WTVJ reported that other board members are concerned that attaching Trump’s name to the city’s prominent road would “become an embarrassment.”