MIAMI (AP/WFLA) — News reports say a Florida anesthesiologist has been arrested and charged with a hate crime in connection with the assault of a Hispanic man outside a supermarket.

The alleged attack took place at a Publix store in Hialeah, a heavily Hispanic suburb of Miami, on Jan. 20, the day that President Joe Biden took office.

Police say 58-year-old Jennifer Susan Wright of Miami was angered after the man asked her to keep her distance in line due to COVID-19.

She is accused of scratching his car with her keys and punching him while calling him a racial slur and yelling other insults.

According to the arrest report, Wright told the victim:

“We should have gotten rid of you when we could.”

“We should have burned you all.”

“This is not going to be your Biden’s America. This is my America.”

“This is my country, and we are going to get rid of every single one of you.”

According to Local 10, Wright caused an estimaged $567.64 worth of damage to the victim’s car.

She was later released on bond.

According to the Miami Herald, Wright is a “fervent Trump supporter,” who on Halloween put up a “sinister-looking mannequin made to look like Joe Biden, with a sign that read ‘Expose the Biden Crime Family.”