A plane carrying Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was forced to make an emergency landing in St. Petersburg Friday afternoon, according to the governor’s spokesman. All on board were fine. 

DeSantis was en route to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, where he was scheduled to hold a 3 p.m. press conference to announce the suspension of Sheriff Scott Israel, who is under fire over his agency’s handling of the Florida school shooting massacre.

Attorney General Ashley Moody, Shane Strum, DeSantis’ chief of staff and three other members of his executive staff were also on the plane. 

David Vasquez, a spokesman for the governor’s office said they had encountered a mechanical issue and were forced to divert to St. Petersburg. 

“This will result in an approximately 90-minute delay in Governor DeSantis’ arrival to Broward County,” Vasquez said. 

DeSantis was able to arrive at the press conference safely and announced he was suspending Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel over his agency’s handling of the Florida school shooting massacre.