(WFLA) — One python eyes were a bit bigger than its stomach when it tried to devour an entire white-tailed deer.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida wildlife biologists posted the shocking photos of the largest python-to-prey ratio ever documented from the Collier-Seminole State Forest.

The invasive Burmese python was in need of some assistance after when it was found attempting to ingest the fawn.

Biologists were able to remove the python out of the wild into an open area.

Experts said the python was stressed it was able to push the deer back out of its mouth.

In the photos below, you can see the breathing tube and tongue of the python while its mouth is wrapped around the deer.

Officials said pythons are known to kill and ingest large prey, but this was a record-breaking meal.

The deer weighed in at 35 pounds and the python was only 31.5 pounds, making the fawn 111 percent of the snake’s mass.


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