PHOTOS: Mangrove water snake catches fish in South Florida

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SOUTH FLORIDA (WFLA) – The Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Complex shared amazing nature photos of a mangrove water snake snacking on a fish. Crews from the complex saw the snake – with the freshly caught fish in its mouth – on a volunteer walk at Long Beach on Tuesday morning.

The snake “was in the long and complicated process of swallowing it down,” complex staff said. “The tide pools that are leftover when the tide goes out at this area of Long Beach create a fascinating landscape of marine life, one full of potential meals for a snake.”

Mangrove water snakes, and other similar snakes, can unhinge their jaws – by up to 150 degrees – to swallow food, according to the complex.

The mangrove water snakes are found only in South Florida, according to the National Wildlife Refuges Complex. They live in brackish/saltwater environments.

“They are highly variable in coloration, helping them to blend into their surroundings. They feed on fish, crabs and other invertebrates that are trapped by the dropping tide, as was the case here,” the complex explained.

This type of snake could be confused with the venomous Cottonmouth snake, crews said. However, mangrove water snakes are not a threat to people, according to the Wildlife Refuges Complex.

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