TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A viral video shows a pair of parrots swooping onto the field during a college softball game in Florida.

WBTV reported that the colorful birds swooped down during the bottom of the seventh inning in a matchup between Gardner-Webb University and Bradley University. The game was being played at the University of Central Florida.

The video shows the birds, named Tiki and Lelu, taking laps around the diamond before landing on the shoulders and arms of the umpires.

UCF tweeted the video Friday, which has more than 118,000 views. “If you’re missing your tropical birds, please claim them at UCF Softball.”

CNN reported that the birds’ owner, Megan Brown, was letting them fly free behind the stadium and said they always come back.

“Tiki’s the one who eventually got tired and decided to land on the umpire,” Brown told CNN.

According to WBTV, ground crew members were called to help remove the birds. The game eventually resumed and the Bradley University Braves won 10-2.