OVIEDO, Fla. (WESH) — Girls in Oviedo just won the Florida State Babe Ruth Softball Championship, and as a congratulatory gift, they received gift bags.

It’s something that’s not sitting well with the girls or their parents because they say the boys who won the championships in the same tournament got trophies.

Our NBC affiliate WESH 2’s Dave McDaniel looked at how a community is now stepping up.

“The Babe Ruth League really did a disservice to them,” parent Ashlee Partin said.

Faith Partin, 7, and her fellow Oviedo 6U all-stars won every game and the title, receiving a goody bag, according to parents, with a commemorative softball, bag tag, and batting gloves.

“They thought they were getting trophies, they thought they were coming home to family and friends, that, ‘here’s my trophy, here’s my proof, I just won state,’ and unfortunately, that wasn’t the case,” Partin said. “The championship boys got 14-inch trophies, they got three and a half foot trophies for their entire team to represent.”

The tournament was run at the state level, not by Oviedo Babe Ruth, but Oviedo Babe Ruth has stepped in.

“I don’t think we should be sending the message in today’s world that the girls don’t deserve the same recognition as the boys for the same accomplishment,” said Jim Brashear, the president of Oviedo Babe Ruth.

Oviedo reached out to the State Babe Ruth leadership.

“Their response was very much that the awards had the same dollar value as the trophy anyway, so there was no inequality, but that’s not the point. I think it was going over their head,” Brashear said.

So, the head of Oviedo Babe Ruth Baseball has arranged the proper hardware, and the girls will be celebrated properly this Friday evening.

“He has made trophies for these girls to show that the Oviedo baseball boys stand with the Oviedo softball girls,” Partin said. “I’m so grateful for everyone to take the time that they have, and have the support and make it right.”

WESH 2 News contacted Babe Ruth state leadership and was told they will be in Central Florida on Friday for the ceremony, organizing it, and hope to put this misunderstanding behind them.