TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A verdict was reached for the man accused of murdering a Daytona Beach police officer back in 2021, according to NBC affiliate WESH.

The jury found Othal Wallace guilty of manslaughter for the murder of Officer Jason Raynor. The jury also found that Wallace had a firearm during the offense, which can bump his sentence up to 30 years.

“We are unbelievably grateful for the jury’s work and consideration,” Tim Pribisco, a defense attorney said. “And rejection of an offense that would result in the death penalty.”

WESH reported that the defense asked for a pretrial investigation. A hearing will take place in 60 days. Prisbisco said they would “prepare and fight just as hard as we did in this entire case.”

As for Raynor’s close family, friends, and attorneys declined to speak when the verdict was reached, after fifteen hours of deliberation from the jury.

The defense claims Wallace acted in self-defense despite social media posts alluding to intense animosity towards law enforcement.

WESH reported that closing arguments were made Thursday night and on Friday, jurors deliberated for roughly 12 hours. Deliberation is ongoing as of Saturday.