PINE HILLS, Fla. (WFLA) — A local news employee injured during a deadly shooting in Orange County shared his story for the first time Thursday since three people died.

Photojournalist Jesse Walden, who works for Spectrum News in Orlando, was shot along with reporter Dylan Lyons Wednesday afternoon while covering a homicide story in Orange County.

Walden recalled the moment he realized what was happening.

“I turn around, and there must be a drive-by shooting,” Walden said in a video message sent from his hospital bed. “He walked forward and shot into my car.”

The man accused of shooting Walden, 24-year-old reporter Dylan Lyons, and four others remains behind bars with a first-degree murder charge. He was held without bond.

Keith Moses, 19, was supposed to appear in front of an Orange County judge Thursday but chose to waive his court appearance.