FLAGLER, Fla. (WFLA) — Parents at one Florida elementary school are upset that only Black students were singled out for bad test scores, regardless if they were below-average, average, or above-average, according to a report.

Black students at Bunnell Elementary in Flagler County were reportedly called into an assembly Friday and lectured about consequences of not being successful, according to WESH. The students were allegedly told if they’re not successful, they could end up killed or going to jail.

“You left the white children to continue their education, and the Black children had to go out to be talked about the consequences of not being successful,” one parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told WESH.

The parent said her daughter, who is a higher-performing student, felt embarrassed for having to go on stage, which made it seem she was better than everyone else, according to WESH.

School district interim superintendent LaShakia Moore issued a statement to WESH, stating that there was no malice intended, but the situation was not handled appropriately.

“In speaking with [Principal Donelle Evensen], it is clear t here was no malice intended in planning this student outreach,” Moore said in the statement. “However, sometimes, when you try to think ‘outside the box,’ you forget why the box is there.”

Moore said the situation is under investigation, and moving forward, parents will be notified of future efforts to increase achievement.