ORLANDO (WFLA) — OneBlood is connecting patients with the donors who helped save their lives with a new program to send messages of thanks.

OneBlood began a program in 2021 called “My OneBlood Journey.”

This program notifies donors when their donation is on the way to a patient and what hospital it is going to.

New in 2022, OneBlood is rolling out another program where a patient can send a message of thanks directly to the blood donor, or donors, who helped save their life.

The campaign is called “Message My Donor.”

A tag is attached to donations OneBlood sends to hospitals and the patient or family member can follow the instructions on the tag to send an electronic message to a donor.

To participate in both programs, those giving blood provide their email address at the time of donation.

“We have created some groundbreaking new programs that bring the donation experience full circle,” said Susan Forbes, senior vice president of corporate communications and public relations at OneBlood. “And [it’s] creating a personal connection for donors by bringing them a step closer to the patients that they are helping save.”

In addition to personalizing the donor experience, OneBlood is also unveiling its “There’s A Hero in You 2022” campaign, which celebrates donors for giving the gift of life.

The campaign includes an interactive comic book series that shows donors the superhero-themed apparel they can receive in OneBlood’s new frequency programs to keep them coming back when they are eligible.

The more times someone donates blood, the more rewards they will earn.

“Blood donors really are modern day superheroes and we are gonna celebrate their extraordinary abilities to save lives all year long,” Forbes said.

To find a OneBlood donation center or a Big Red Bus blood drive, go online to OneBlood’s website.