TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — An off-duty Florida firefighter was credited with saving the life of a patrol deputy who was trapped in a burning car wreck.

According to the Orlando Fire Department, Lt Ben Wootson was driving with his son Saturday when he witnessed a “horrific crash” involving a Seminole County Sheriff’s Deputy.

“Without a moment’s hesitation,” Wootson leaped into action, pulling the deputy from the burning vehicle before assessing him for injuries.

Wootson then used the deputy’s radio to call dispatch that an officer was down and provide a location and request the Fire Department for medical care.

“The passenger compartment of the vehicle was completely engulfed in flames 20 seconds after he pulled the deputy out of the vehicle,” officials said. “His quick thinking and sound judgment saved this deputy’s life. His actions exemplify what it is to be an Orlando Fire Fighter.”

“Lt. Wootsen’s bravery and sacrifice is a reminder of how firefighters are NEVER off-duty and that training and preparing for situations like this can make a difference when seconds count,” said the Orlando Fire Department. “Firefighters put their lives on the line for others every day.”

According to WKMG, the deputy was rushed to an area hospital where he was listed in stable condition.