TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Monkeypox is reportedly back in the United States.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there’s only one case in the country, but is monitoring hundreds of people who were possibly exposed.

The Chief of Infectious Diseases at Moffitt Cancer Center Dr. Jon Greene says the rare disease acts and looks like chickenpox and smallpox.

“It is contagious and usually spread through the air or touching the blisters of a patient,” Greene said.

The CDC says a Texas man got the disease after he flew overseas. The agency says it’s now monitoring more than 200 people in 27 states and a few other countries who may have come in contact with the patient.

Dr. Greene says there’s no reason for concern.

“I don’t think the community at large has to worry about it, but it just shows how we live in a global world and viruses spread easily,” he said.

The CDC recorded nearly 50 cases of the disease in 2003. But there’s even more concern now as another wave of coronavirus sweeps Florida.

“There’s already so much going on in the world right now so something else we have to be concerned about, all we can do is pray and give it to the Lord,” Tampa resident Sidney Gassett said.

Dr. Greene wants people to know the CDC has a handle on this disease.

“In this case, it looks like it’ll be much easier to contain than (the) COVID-19 virus,” Greene said.

The Florida Department of Health confirmed to 8 On Your Side there have been no monkeypox cases reported in the state.