ORLANDO (WFLA) – 8 On Your Side has received new video and photos of the upcoming “Ice Breaker” roller coaster set to open at SeaWorld Orlando this year.

Website “Midway Mayhem” provided the images of the full course runs, without riders.

(Courtesy: Midway Mayhem)

According to SeaWorld, the roller coaster will feature four “airtime filled launches” going both backwards and forwards. The coaster has a 93-feet tall spike with a 100 degree angle.

SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc., which also owns Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, announced in July 2020 that all rides scheduled to open last year would be delayed. That included Ice Breaker, as well as “Iron Gwazi” in Tampa.

(Courtesy: Midway Mayhem)

Busch Gardens and SeaWorld Orlando reopened to the public at limited capacities on June 11, after closing in mid-March to slow the spread of coronavirus.

An exact opening of both Ice Breaker and Iron Gwazi have not yet been announced.

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