PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — New cases of a COVID-19 subvariant have been found in Florida, according to an infectious disease expert.

According to a report by WPBF, eight people have been infected with Stealth Omicron. It’s being called Stealth Omicron because medical experts say it’s difficult to detect.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Larry Bush of Palm Beach County said the subvariant is more contagious but does not create more severe symptoms than the main omicron variant.

Bush said that while a new surge could be possible due to the subvariant’s greater transmissibility, vaccines still provide protection against the virus.

“We still have a third of the country who has not been vaccinated and probably a large part of the country who has not been naturally infected, so we will probably see another uptick,” Bush told WPBF.