TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Now is the time to become a state correctional officer, according to Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC), who announced bonuses of up to $5,000 for correctional officer new hires.

According to the release, all new correctional officers will receive $3,000 in new hire bonus effective immediately. Correctional officers joining high vacancy institutions will receive an additional $1,000 hiring bonus, and certified correctional officer applicants will receive $1,000 hiring bonus.

“As so many cities and states choose to disrespect, degrade and defund the work of law enforcement, we want Florida to continue valuing our men and women of law enforcement today, tomorrow and for generations to come,” Governor Ron DeSantis said.

Beginning in January, non-certified correctional officer trainee salaries will be raised 16% to $38,750. In addition, all current state correctional officers will receive a one-time $1,500 bonus and state probation officers will receive a $3,000 bonus in December, 2021.

“This year, we have prioritized initiatives to recruit and reward high-quality officers, especially corrections officers, and these new bonuses, effective immediately, will help support public safety positions within the Florida Department of Corrections,” DeSantis said.