VIRGINIA KEY, Fla. (WFLA) — Two men were charged after reportedly sacrificing animals on a beach in South Florida this week.

NBC Miami reported a witness took video of the aftermath and got a picture of the license plate the two men drove off in, which helped police find and charge them.

According to NBC 6, there were butchered chickens and pigeons on the shore of a public beach in Virginia Key. There was a large amount of blood on nearby rocks and mangroves.

The witness told NBC 6 she believed the men were practicing Santería. There were reportedly other things, such as pumpkins, thrown into the water by the men.

One of the men, Dany Machado Gomez, was charged by Miami-Dade Police with animal cruelty, according to the news outlet.

The men were also given illegal dumping citation, NBC 6 said.