TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — This past Saturday, Mega Millions announced that two tickets for the drawing for a $494 million jackpot were sold in Florida and California.

Both winning tickets were sold at 7-Elevens, with the Florida ticket being sold at a location on 2980 Colonial Boulevard in Fort Myers. The location will get a $100,000 commission for selling the winning ticket.

Since two people had tickets for the jackpot, Mega Millions said the winners would have to split the prize, each taking home $247.9 million.

As of Monday, it is not known who won the prize, so what happens if no one claims it?

The Florida Lottery said that Mega Millions jackpot winners have 180 days from the drawing date to claim the prize, but to get the lump-sum cash option of $123.95 million, the claim must be made in 60 days.

The Lottery also said in the event that no one claims it, “the funds to pay the unclaimed jackpot will be returned to the lottery members in their proportion of sales for the jackpot rollover series.”

However, it may be that even if the prize is claimed, it may be a while before the lucky ticket holder is identified thanks to a law that was passed in 2022.

House Bill 159, which allows the state to protect a lottery winner’s identity for 90 days, was signed into law in May by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The protection applies to any lottery winner who wins more than $250,000.

The law will be up for review in 2027 when legislators will be able to renew it if they choose.