ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — A 77-year-old man called a group of doctors his “angels” after they saved his life while he was dining at a Central Florida restaurant last week.

Eddy Montero, 77, told NBC Affiliate WESH that he took a trip to see his daughters and meet one of his grandchildren for the first time when his life “flashed before his eyes.”

According to WESH, the beloved grandfather was out to dinner when he suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed. The news station said Montero had no idea he was going into cardiac arrest.

By the stroke of luck, fate, or angels, a physician from the Florida Osceola HCA Hospital and three resident physicians were finishing dinner nearby when they saw Montero needing help and quickly rushed to his side.

“The doctors were like angels appearing before me,” Montero told WESH.

Dr. Nicole Brenner, who’s 35 weeks pregnant, and the three residents, Dr. Sonia Alicea, Dr. Amanda Rivera, and Dr. Suhail Saad-Omer, aided Montero until paramedics arrived, according to WESH.

“We quickly checked the pulse, and as soon as there was identification that there was no pulse and he was in cardiac arrest, CPR was immediately initiated. Dr. Saad-Omer called for emergency assistance, helped identify if there was any additional support in the area. Both Dr. Alicea and Dr. Rivera were both able to initiate CPR and take over for me because it’s a little bit of a challenge,” Brenner told the news station.

Montero’s daughter, Fabiana, told WESH she thanked God the doctors were at the restaurant when they were because they saved her father’s life.

“It just truly feels like we were meant to be there,” Brenner said.

While Montero is recovering, his luck still hasn’t run out. According to WESH, Montero was taken to Florida Osceola Hospital and ended up being assigned to one of the residents who helped him on-site – a true full-circle moment.