ORLANDO, Fla. (WESH) — More than a month after Miya Marcano was allegedly murdered by a maintenance man at her own apartment complex, her family has promised to turn the tragedy into something that will protect other people in the future.

Miya’s Law was drafted to tighten apartment security measures in light of the young woman’s murder involving Orlando apartment complex, Arden Villas.

The law would apply to all apartment complexes, and it focuses on the people who work at the complexes, especially those with access to the units.

The family is supporting a bill filed by Sen. Linda Stewart who represents part of Orange County.

“In order to do that, we’ve discovered there’s a lot of changes that need to be made,” Stewart said.

The senator said she worked with other lawmakers, the Marcano family, an apartment association, and the sheriff’s office on the bill.

It specifies doing a much deeper background on anyone working for a complex.

“Obviously, if there’s some background of domestic violence, sexual abuse, violence in some way, anything that rises to a felony, should not be hired,” Stewart said.

The bill will address some of the problems people who live at Arden Villas complained about including the use of a master key fob. Investigators say the alleged killer used a master key fob to get into Marcano’s home and waited for her.

If the law is passed, it would require apartments to keep a list of anyone with access to its master keys.

And Miya’s Law would increase the notice that staff has to give residents before they come into their apartment.

Right now, it’s just 12 hours ahead of time.

“So we upped it to 24-hour notice, but we also when they have vacated, they will have a notice that no one should be in that apartment,” Stewart said.

The new rules would be part of apartments’ yearly inspections and if they’re not followed, the complex risks getting hit with fines or even losing their license.

Sen. Stewart says members from both parties have shown support for the bill. A similar version is being filed with the Florida House.